Personal Training

Results’ specialty is our award winning personal training.  All trainers on staff have Bachelor’s Degrees in Kinesiology/Exercise Science related field and are certified by a nationally accredited certification board (i.e. ACSM, NFPA, NSCA). Each of the trainers on staff has a specialty, but what makes RESULTS the optimum facility for personal training is we can help anyone, regardless of age, fitness level, prior or current injuries or limitation, accomplish their fitness goals.

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Sheridan FulkersonBoth Full 1 hour and half hour sessions are available

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Discounts available for couple(2), and group(3) sessions.

Set Up Programs

These programs are designed for the client who is able to travel to Results Fitness every 4-6 weeks for evaluations and set-ups.
It is also ideal for clients who are members at other facilities but want the assistance from our professional and degree certified training staff.

Includes body fat analysis, diet consultation and personalized exercise program.

Full set-up program includes nutrition AND program design.

Half set-up program includes nutrition OR program design.

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