Brain Attebery – Personal Trainer at Results Fitness

Brian Attebery

Owner / Personal Trainer

Brian Attebery founded RESULTS Fitness and Nutrition Center in 2003. During his career, he has consulted thousands of clients ranging from average people wanting to lose weight, to professional athletes trying to improve their athletic performance, Brian is a columnist for Edmond Life and Leisure and Brag Book Magazine and is a regular speaker on health and fitness for many schools and corporations, as well as a featured segment, “My Diet Starts on Monday,” airing on KJ103FM (102.7).

He is responsible for the fitness and nutrition of five states in the Miss U.S.A. and Miss Teen U.S.A. system and three states for the Miss America Program. He has had many of his clients place in the finals at Miss U.S.A., Miss Teen U.S.A., and Miss America, including 5 preliminary Miss America swimsuit winners, the over-all winner of Miss America 2007, Miss America Outstanding Teen 2011 (Oklahoma’s First Teen America), and Miss Teen U.S.A. 2001 and 2008. A former competitive bodybuilder of 12 years, Brian won the title of Mr. Oklahoma in 2001 amongst many titles and competed in the National Championships in 2005.

Brian is also involved in First Presbyterian Church of Edmond, where he is a consistent leader in the youth department. Brian is and his wife, Jennifer, are parents of Cannon and Caris.


B.S. Health & Sports Sciences, University of Oklahoma

National Fitness Professionals Association (NFPA) – 1994–Present
NFPA Senior Instructor – 2003–Present
American Heart Association CPR/First Aid

Personal Training Experience:

Training Approach & Philosophy:
Teaching my clients the importance of living a healthy lifestyle, and leaving them with the knowledge to make smart decisions about fitness and nutrition are always my number one objectives. My approach to training is that every client is unique and deserves a training program tailored specifically to his or her experience, fitness level, and goals.

Qualifications & Personal Awards:
12 Years Competitive Bodybuilder
5-time National Qualifier
2001 Mr. Oklahoma
Journal Record’s Forty Under 40 Nominee – 2007 & 2011
Miss Oklahoma USA Leadership Award – 2009

Business Awards:
Edmond’s Favorite Fitness Center – 2009–2017
Edmond’s Favorite Locally Owned Business – 2008 & 2009
Finalist for Small Business of the Year – 2011
Top 10 Personal Trainer

Pageant Professional Distinctions:
Has had a winner in every major national pageant – Miss America 2017 / Miss USA 2016 / Miss America’s Outstanding Teen 2010 & 2017 / Miss Teen USA 2001 & 2008 / Mrs. America 2015 / Miss Rodeo America 2015
Trained 42 Swimsuit Preliminary Winners at the Miss America State Level
Trained 5 Swimsuit Preliminary Winners at Miss America*
Trainer to: 1999 Miss America Finalist, Miss Oklahoma Julie Payne
Trainer to: 2001 Miss Teen USA Marissa Whitley
Trainer to: 2002 Miss USA 1st Runner Up Lyndsay Douglas
Trainer to: 2007 Miss America Winner, Miss Oklahoma Lauren Nelson*
Trainer to: 2008 Miss Teen USA, Stevi Perry
Trainer to: 2010 Miss USA 1st Runner-Up, Morgan Woolard
Trainer to: 2011 Miss American 4th Runner-up, Miss Oklahoma Emoly West*
Trainer to: 2011 Miss America’s Outstanding Teen, Lacey Russ
Trainer to: 2012 Miss America 1st Runner-Up, Miss Oklahoma Betty Thompson
Trainer to: 2012 Miss Oklahoma Top 10 Lauren Lundeen
Trainer to: 2013 Miss America 2nd Runner-Up, Miss Oklahoma Alicia Clifton
Trainer to: 2013 Miss America Top 10, Miss Washington Mandy Schendel*
Trainer to: 2014 Miss America 2nd Runner-Up, Miss Oklahoma Kelsey Griswold*
Trainer to: 2014 Miss America Finalist, Miss Missouri Shelby Ringdahl
Trainer to: 2014 Mrs. New Mexico
Trainer to: 2014 Mrs. Texas
Trainer to: 2015 Miss America Top 10, Miss Oklahoma Alex Eppler*
Trainer to: 2015 Miss USA Olivia Jordan
Trainer to: 2015 Mrs. America Michelle Evans
Trainer to: 2015 Miss Rodeo America Lauren Heaton
Trainer to: 2017 Miss America’s Outstanding Teen, Nicole Jia
Official Trainer to: Miss Oklahoma / Kansas / Missouri / Nebraska / Arkansas USA and their Teens for Vanbros and Associates.
Official Trainer to: Miss Oklahoma / Missouri / Washington in the Miss America Program.
Finalists: Over 40 finalists in Miss USA / Miss Teen USA / Miss America / Miss America’s Outstanding Teen
Official Trainer to: Mrs. Oklahoma (America), Mrs. Oklahoma (United States), Mrs. Texas (United States)

Brian Attebery Top 10 Best Personal Trainers by Pageant Planet


John Cotton – Personal Trainer at Results Fitness

John Cotton

General Manager / Personal Trainer

John’s first stop at Results Fitness came in 2013 as a practicum student from the University of Central Oklahoma. After taking some time to focus on his studies, John came back to Results as a student-trainer in August 2015 while he finished up his degree at UCO. Upon graduating in May 2016 with a degree in Kinesiology-Exercise/Fitness Management, he became a full-time trainer at Results. Shortly thereafter, John was promoted to General Manager. His knowledge and ability to work with clients of all ages, fitness levels, and limitations has been instrumental in bringing in a new generation of clients and trainers to Results Fitness.

In college, John played baseball at Southwestern Oklahoma State University and Dodge City Community College. He is also an avid deer and waterfowl hunter, and enjoys a good game of golf on the weekends.


B.S. Kinesiology-Exercise/Fitness Management, University of Central Oklahoma

National Fitness Professionals Association (NFPA)

Personal Training Experience:

Training Approach & Philosophy:
My background as a college athlete, combined with a degree in Kinesiology and NFPA certification, has been instrumental in shaping my personal training ideology – that each client is an individual and therefore deserves an individualized training plan based on their goals and interests.

Qualifications & Awards:
College Athlete, Baseball – Southwestern Oklahoma State University & Dodge City Community College

Matt Woodliff – Personal Trainer at Results Fitness

Matt Woodliff

Personal Trainer

Matt joined the Results Fitness personal training team in May 2017. His kinesiology degree from UCO and personal training coursework, coupled with his background in competitive high school and intramural sports, gives Matt the knowledge and experience to help a wide range of clients achieve and maintain wellness through proper nutrition, athletic movements, and positive encouragement.


B.S. Kinesiology-Exercise/Fitness Management, University of Central Oklahoma

Personal Training Experience:

Training Approach & Philosophy:
As a Personal Trainer I motivate, encourage and push my clients to help them reach their goals. I want my clients to have fun during their workouts and feel good about themselves for taking care of their bodies. Exercises that promote strength, stability, stamina, performance, balance, control and mind/body connection are what I focus on. I always keep variety in my personal training workouts by incorporating different forms of resistance training and bodyweight exercises, and using different types of equipment.

Qualifications & Awards:
High School Athlete
Intramural Sports


Matt Woodliff – Personal Trainer at Results Fitness

McKenzie Redden

Personal Trainer

McKenzie started working at Result Fitness & Nutrition Center in July 2017 while finishing her degree in kinesiology at the University of Central Oklahoma. Her passion for helping people grow stronger – not only physically, but emotionally and mentally – through exercise is why she decided to become a personal trainer. Through personal experience and education, McKenzie is equipped to serve those wishing to gain a healthier lifestyle, relieve stress, and achieve their goals.

Originally from Abilene, TX but has made Edmond her home.

B.S. Kinesiology-Exercise/Fitness Management, University of Central Oklahoma (ongoing)

American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM)
CPR/AED – American Heart Association
Group Exercise Instructor – National Exercise Trainers Association (NETA)

Personal Training Experience:

Training Approach & Philosophy:
I struggled with anxiety and depression before starting my fitness journey. After sweat sessions in the gym, I felt better than any medication could make me feel. I found myself diving into different types of workouts and nutritional strategies. Exercise became my therapy and has helped heal my mind and body. It is a great stress relief and confidence booster. There are so many people who are intimidated by the gym or hate working out. I understand that feeling and can help them change their mindset through motivation and encouragement. I am looking to share with others what exercise has done for me by teaching my clients how to push themselves and release the psychological barriers that keep them inactive. Interval training, weight lifting, and high intensity body weight workouts are what I use based on the goals of my clients and their current fitness levels. I want my clients to feel comfortable in the gym and look forward to their sessions with me. Most importantly, I want them to see results and stay on track. I will take time to individualize their fitness and nutrition plans, and look forward to helping others on their own journey.