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Knowing the Facts About Calories & Nutrition

One of the biggest challenges facing “dieters” is actually counting calories.

Yes, you must actually count the calories to an extent to know what you are putting in your body. The basic solution to weight loss is to burn more calories than you take in. First thing to understand is not to take that statement to literally. Meaning, you do not go burn off 500 calories on the treadmill and 700 in the weight room for a total of 1,200 calories and that is all you take in at the most.

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Prevention of Diabetes

Diabetes is something you hear more and more about these days. Specifically, I am talking about Type II Diabetes which many refer to as “adult onset” diabetes.

According to the C.D.C., approximately 90 percent of people that have diabetes in the United States have Type II diabetes. For those that have it, 90% have acquired it due to obesity and the lifestyle associated with it. While genetics are always a factor in health, it is a fact that obesity is a preventable disease.

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Five Tips for Better Fitness

There is no doubt that successful people establish goals for themselves if they want to achieve. These goals require plans of actions and schedules that allow you to pro-actively pursue those goals. We must take a step-by-step approach to our fitness and wellness goals as well.

Here are my Top 5 Steps for Fitness Success:

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Is Personal Training Right for Your Needs?

This time of year is when most people are starting exercise for the first time at a gym. For some, they are just getting back into the healthy habits. For many, the idea of a personal trainer can by a consideration.

As a personal trainer for almost 20 year now, I have found there are a lot of misconceptions about personal trainers. I see a lot of confusion about what they are supposed to be for and/or what makes a personal trainer exactly.

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Workout With a Friend in 2017

The New Year is almost here!

Time to get motivated and there are many people that could use the motivation as well. Accountability is a great thing and many of your friends and family are looking for a workout partner.

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Women’s Fitness Takes Knowledge

Women can have it tough. They wear a lot of hats and multi-task like no other. Trying to know the best ways to keep in shape is another challenge they have. Women have unique need and their bodies are not the same as a man’s body. In order to best understand how working out effects a woman’s body, there are many tactics to consider.

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What to Know About a Weight Training Routine

Isn’t it interesting to see how there are so many opinions on how to lift weights?

There are many factors to consider when I design a workout for someone. What is their level of fitness? How much time do they have to devote to this? What are their goals currently? What injuries are they working around? They are numerous other factors but these are the basics.

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