Workout With a Friend in 2017 - Results Fitness

The New Year is almost here!

Time to get motivated and there are many people that could use the motivation as well. Accountability is a great thing and many of your friends and family are looking for a workout partner.

​Working out can be a great way to spend time with friends. Having a workout partner is a great option to consider when scheduling your workouts. You can schedule your workouts to accommodate both of your hectic schedules. This can be a great way to be accountable to each other. This is also a great way to push each other and have a built in spotter in the weight room. Many people feel intimidated by asking someone to help them out. Having a workout partner is a great way to have a little more “comfort” in the gym when it comes to feeling out of place or lost in the weight room. It is simply a safe, comfortable way to lift weights.

​We all know someone who needs to get into shape just as badly as we do. It can be an awkward conversation sometimes to mention that to a friend or co-worker. What if you simply made it about yourself? What if you asked them to join you because YOU need the help and though they would be a fun person to workout with? It might be a co-worker that you spend extra time with discussing goals and strategies for business. It might be a person in your Bible study at church. What do you have to lose?

​Besides all of the benefits, I think there are some other considerations to think about as well. Are you partnering up with an elite workout person and you are a beginner? Is that person going to allow you to build into the program? If not, you might consider building into one by yourself at first before joining them. A mistake many veteran workout folks make is going to fast with their friend they are trying to encourage. They mean well but quickly forget what it is like to have been like their friend many years ago when they were out of shape too.

Once again, this is why a professional trainer is handy to consider designing a program for both partners.

One fun thing we enjoy at Results is doing couple’s personal training. This can be two friends or a spouse training together. This allows a couple to train together but have a trainer make adjustments for each person while watching their form and function while they get pushed. Couples find they get a quick, effective workout done while being pushed and still have it individualized for their needs. For some couples, this is not an option if they are worlds apart with their fitness level. For most, it works out well.

​Workout partners can be a great way to stay motivated and have fun getting fit. Make sure you have a partner that is equally committed to the idea or you can be let down when they fail to show up. Have a friendly wager on a weight loss competition or maybe set a goal to do a 5 k race or maybe even a marathon? These goals are the key to making fitness a lifestyle. Start the New Year off in the right direction! A workout partner might just be what the doctor ordered. Give it a try!

Published in Edmond Life & Leisure – 12/29/16